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Updating Your Member Profile
By Alan Zenreich
Posted on 5/7/2019 9:04 AM
ClubExpress makes it very convenient for members of your club or organization to view and update their profile.  This might be a simple change of email address, edit a member’s biography, print out a payment receipt, or review the event history.

These and many more profile tasks can be accomplished directly by the member without having to involve an administrator, and this makes for timely updates, and eliminates an administrative bottleneck.   

Although most of our tutorial videos are for administrators, this video is for your members, so they can learn how to manage their membership and preferences.    So feel free to share the video within your organization.

The video focuses on the most commonly updated items, and touches on some of the optional modules.  For example, it shows how to update your profile and modify your preferences for using the website. It also shows how to view your transactions and payment history and how to get receipts, how to update your username and password, and how to update your forum preferences. 

Video: Updating Your Member Profile >

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