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Managing Your Website's Look and Feel - Part 2
By Alan Zenreich
Posted on 3/11/2019 10:08 AM
In my previous blog post  I included a video recording of the first of two webinars about website look and feel.
That session focused on the Site Builder tools in the Website Look and Feel module.   

I also outlined the new video tutorial series that was under development about all of the look and feel tools.

We followed up with the second webinar that looked at associated control panel items such as Fonts, Custom Content and Mobile Setup.

Here is the webinar recording:

The new tutorial series is nearly complete... the videos go into detail about the options available for each module.

Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Website
  • Part a - Overview - A general overview of the tools and content areas
  • Part b - Fonts - Shows how to add some special fonts
  • Part c - Site Editor tools, which include templates, layouts, page header, width, background, watermarks, etc.
  • Part d - Common Content - Shows how to optionally place content on every page.  This can be useful for notifications, messaging and promotions. 
  • Part e - Mobile Setup - Shows how to have alternate displays in mobile device browsers (tutorial is still under development)
Take a look at the video tutorials:

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