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Building Strong Clubs. A ClubExpress Whitepaper
By Dan Ehrmann
Posted on 12/23/2018 10:18 PM

For a club or association, here is the question that every Board of Directors needs to ask:

How do we create a strong and vibrant club or association, one that members want to join and renew, one with a strong and growing core of active members, one with a "virtuous cycle" of people who get involved, which in turn generates more events and discussion and knowledge-exchange, which in turn gets more people to join and renew?

After working with clubs and associations for years, we offer a comprehensive guide on all of the ways strong clubs thrive.

1. Product & Positioning

Be willing to experiment and try different things. Many organizations get ossified over time, always doing the same things from year to year. Some of the new things you try won't succeed, but you'll never know unless you give them a chance, sometimes two or three.

2. Promotion

Potential members have to know that you exist. There are dozens of ways to promote your club or association, many of them free or very low cost, especially if you are a not-for-profit.

3. Price

Perception is critical. Members are attracted to a club that takes its passion seriously. This can best be done if the club has the resources it needs. This means charging reasonable dues.

4. People

Continuity and growth are primary board responsibilities. When you volunteer to serve on the board of directors of your club, you are accepting the responsibility for helping to ensure the long-term survival, health and growth of the organization.

5. Process

Technology can make things simpler, as long as it's straightforward, reliable and reasonably priced. You don't want to replace paper wrangling with computer wrangling if the software is just as hard to use. Where's the benefit in that?

6. Passion

This passion shows through in everything the club does, from events to the newsletter, from the website to education, from membership programs through attracting sponsors and advertisers, and in every interaction with members and the community.

Ready to learn more about making your club stronger?
Download our “Building Strong Clubs” Guide to help your club reach new heights!

Building Strong Clubs PDF

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