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Creating Club Events? Learn more in these videos.
By Alan Zenreich
Posted on 11/1/2018 8:44 AM
Most clubs and organizations use the Event Calendar frequently and it's one of the major updates in ClubExpress version 8.   The updates include some great functionality and flexibility in creating events.

It also brings a new interface to event creation, so that the features can be further extended.

There are now three videos to help bring you up to speed, and show some features that you might not already know about.

The tutorial video is a 20-minute overview focusing on the changed and new features, and assumes that you are an administrator or event coordinator who is already familiar with the basic Events functionality. 


Two live 60 - minute webinars... deep dive into some event functionality.

The first was about creating a new event.  It looks at:
  • QuickEvents 
  • Copying events
  • Single activity event
    • Exploring the user interface
    • Edit basic information
    • Detail panels
    • Registrant types, Fees, late fees
  • Multi-Activity events
    • Registrant types
    • Explores activities
    • Items

The second webinar about event administration looks at :

  • Event Calendar views and legend
  • Event Administration screen
    • Searching events
    • Filtering
    • Results grid
    • Event status
    • Edit event
    • Copy event
    • Archive event
  • Event Configuration
    • Categories
    • Legacy registrant types
    • Event questions
    • Locations
    • Defaults
    • Panel settings, policies, events
    • Contacts, registrations, item quantities
    • Sequences, guests, subgroups
  • Attendance tracking
  • Single-activity vs multi-activity
  • Creating Custom Calendars
    • View or block specific category or categories

Just as a reminder, you can find all of the video tutorials on your Control Panel's Support tab, as well as in the Tutorial tab of the Cool Stuff page..

The webinar recordings are also on the Cool Stuff page... at the bottom of the Webinars section:

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