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New Emailings videos
By Alan Zenreich
Posted on 8/17/2018 9:21 AM
ClubExpress provides powerful tools that allow administrators to communicate with members and non-members via email. 

Version 8.0 has new features that make creating and administering emailings easier, and assures that they will display well on mobile devices.

We recently published three videos that show how to create and administer emailings.  

The first video is a tutorial that shows how to add a new emailing. 
You'll see the new element-based content editor, and how to create and save distribution lists.

The second tutorial video shows how to configure the emailing system.  This includes setting defaults, creating saved distribution lists and custom templates.

The third video is a "QuickStart" excerpt from one of the version 8 webinars, where Dan shows a pre-release version of the new emailing system... a very good overview.

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