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By Alan Zenreich
Posted on 11/10/2017 10:21 AM
For me, working on ClubExpress videos is a labor of love. It's a great way to share information about how to use ClubExpress functions, and why you should/could use them.

The tutorials, and recordings of live webinar sessions let you watch these videos at your convenience.

Our list of new and updated content  is growing, and to make it easy to view and share, it's all published on YouTube.

The webinars are a mix of ClubExpress overviews, and topic specific deep dives... it's great having a live audience asking questions.
The video tutorials, so far, have been about configuring and using specific ClubExpress functions

You can see the webinar schedule and watch recordings by going to the Webinar section of the ClubExpress 'Resources' page.
The next webinar is on November 22, about Surveys and Polls.

The recent video tutorials are listed in the Video Tutorials section of the ClubExpress 'Resources' page.  A complete listing of tutorial videos is on the Support tab of your site's Control Panel.

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