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Professional Pivot: Addressing Member Needs Part 2
By Anup Manchanda
Posted on 12/2/2020 4:19 PM
For members facing job loss, the stress of seeking employment is always high.  Coupled with the current rate of high unemployment, looking for a new position can feel even more draining than usual, but you can ease that burden for your members in several ways.

Start with one of the easiest tasks, presenting members with job opportunities using a virtual jobs board.  These can jobs found online, or positions other members have available in their own company.  Job searches can be daunting, but your organization can make that task easier by offering a curated list of positions based on the careers of your members.

Many members might use networking events to search for a new opportunity, but the lack of face-to-face meetings leaves them with few options.  Consider smaller virtual networking events to give your members the chance to speak to each other “face-to-face”.  If you normally host a conference or convention, consider moving it online.  Your members can still benefit from the speakers and breakout sessions without the time and cost of travel.

You can use the power of your members to help with other aspects of job searching by asking for volunteers to help with resume reviews and mock interviews.  Invite your members to write blog posts with job search and resume tips.  Use forums to allow members to have a conversation about their own experiences, for example, a Job Interview forum might have a thread with the toughest interview questions members faced and how they answered them.

Continue building a strong bond by facilitating mentorship among members and fostering a sense of community.  Adapting to the new needs of your members might mean significant changes to the landscape of your organization.  Over time, those changes could transform the way people think about their membership, from optional to essential.

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