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Professional Pivot: Addressing Member Needs Part 1
By Anup Manchanda
Posted on 12/2/2020 9:00 AM
If your members are looking to add skills to their resume, either to get a new job or make themselves more valuable at their current company, have you considered hosting courses and lectures on relevant topics?

While education is always worth the investment, spending extra might not be possible for your members right now.  If you already offer continued learning to your members consider offering courses for free or at a discount to help members stretch their budget by offering discount coupon codes on courses.  Consider offering a discount to trial members as a way to try and boost membership and use of your courses If you do not offer courses, try asking your members for suggestions on free, reliable courses and link to them on your website.

If finding speakers for your virtual lectures is difficult, harness the power of your members by asking them what skills they can offer to teach others.  When you ask your members what their needs are, ask if they can help others as well.  Many of your members might have decades of experience in their field and their knowledge can be extremely valuable to others.  While they may not be able to lead an 8-week course, they can lead a short talk on a topic with which they are familiar.

For members who want to help, but might not be comfortable leading a talk, ask them to write a special blog post or an article on your website. Both are excellent ways to circulate information, and blogs allow other members to join in the conversation by commenting on the post.

Professional associations have a unique advantage in that they can offer targeted and useful help to members at every stage of their career.  Your association is already a form of a community because your members share a profession, but you can solidify that bond further because you share a profession. 

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