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Professional Pivot: Assessing Member Needs
By Anup Manchanda
Posted on 12/2/2020 5:00 PM
When we feel uncertain, we turn to things that are familiar to us for comfort.  But what happens when those things have changed, or are unable to ease us in that usual way?  This might be what your members are thinking about your professional association.  And if your members have faced job loss, they are likely looking for even more help and comfort than ever before.

If membership to your association is required for your members’ profession you could make the mistake of thinking member retention is safe, but your focus should not just be surviving these times when you could use them to thrive as an organization. Focus on helping those members who might even be considering leaving by making your association indispensable to them.  As with any time before, and with any organization, the needs of your members come first.  But what if their needs have changed?

Now is the time to communicate even more with your members to figure out what your organization can be doing to help, and a good AMS should include the tools you need to facilitate those conversations.  Have you tried reaching out to ask your members how they are doing, what they are doing to cope and how their goals might have changed.  Try asking what they are looking for and what kind of help they might need to accomplish their new goals, whether the goal is to find a new job or boost their skills while they are at home.

Instead of trying to operate the same as always, adapt to the new needs of your members if their needs have changed.  Start by reaching out and asking them what they need, then focus on how to provide it.  In the next few posts, we will help you address some of the new needs of your members in our series Professional Pivot.

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