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Administrator Email - 1/13/2021 - Announcing

Version 10.1 - Part 2

We're excited to announce the second and final part of ClubExpress Version 10.1.
Click here to read part 1.

For this release, we have redesigned the Member Profile screen to make it more modern and easier to use. We also added a couple more features to Discussion Forums, as well as a number of other enhancements. For more information, click the sections on the left.

The new Member Profile screen will be deployed tomorrow (Thu) morning. There is a new video tutorial you can watch now to learn how it works, and the online help system has been updated. All other features listed here have been deployed.

We will not be holding a webinar for these features because they are straightforward and easy to use.

Please note that we have also made a couple of changes to the Subscription Agreement that governs your relationship with ClubExpress. Specifically, the amount of time we are required to notify you before changing hosting fees or credit card fees, or for termination without cause, have all been lengthened from 30 days to 60 days.

In this issue:

Member Profile

(Note that this feature will be deployed tomorrow (Thu) morning, January 14.

This release updates the Member Profile with a more modern and easier to use interface. Here is an example:

At the top of the screen, you will find a reformatted Membership Summary panel, including basic information about your membership. Your member photo is shown and can be updated by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon. If a payment is due, a special link appears. If you have virtual membership cards, these can also be downloaded. If your membership has secondary and/or tertiary members, they will be shown on the right; click the photo(s) to update this information. There is also a link to an updated video tutorial.

Below that are special panels for the options that members use most often, including updating their basic and extended information, their member and/or business directory information, their username and password, etc. If your club or association or Aging-in-Place Village has any special functions, they will also appear in this area.

Below that are longer panels with additional and less-frequently-used options, including history screens, forum memberships and preferences, and other website settings.

This new Member Profile screen is also more responsive to different website widths and to mobile devices. But while the design may be updated, the functionality is the same as members have always used and we expect that people will quickly get comfortable with the new design.

Click here to watch the updated video tutorial.





Other Enhancements

And in other parts of the ClubExpress platform:
  • You now have the ability to block renewal and expiration notices from being sent to members with a specific member type, or in a specific chapter. There is a new option on the Member Type Add/Edit screen to turn off these notices. The same option appears on the Chapter Add/Edit screen. Use this option when that member type or that chapter renews in a special way.
  • We have updated the user interface in the Documents Library, Blogs, and FAQ modules, to make the tree-like list on the left more flexible and user friendly. It will now expand vertically and horizontally to properly show all open folders or blog entries or FAQ categories and questions, using the available width and height more effectively in your browser.
  • When you define Additional Charges that are adjustable by quantity, the maximum has been raised from 999 to 9999.
  • The following enhancements were added to Discussion Forums:

    • There is a new admin option to allow you to export a complete thread (all messages in the thread) to either an XML file or to the FAQ module. Use this option to save a valuable thread as a separate and standalone topic for future reference.
    • Forum emails can now include the club's logo. this is set up on the Configure - Forum Global Settings screen.
  • In the Event Calendar, you can now define a registrant type based on the members of a specific Interest group.
  • The following changes were made to Gift Memberships:

    • In the email sent to the gift recipient, you can now optionally choose the first name only as a replaceable tag, instead of the full name. This is less formal.
    • The Gifts report now includes the Gift Send Date.
    • On the admin side of the module, the gift giver's contact information is now available.
    • The designated Membership Director will now be notified when a gift membership has been purchased.
    • We fixed a problem in the gift receipt with the date reported to the gift giver.
    • We fixed a problem where gift givers would specify a date in the past and the gift email would never be sent.
    • We fixed a problem when an admin would enter a gift and forget to specify a recipient!

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed since our last version announcement:
  • In the Text Messaging Manager, when you searched by date that a text message was sent, the returned results were off by 1 day. We also resolved an issue with sending text messages to members outside the US.
  • After recent changes in Discussion Forums, messages posted without text, just an image, did not successfully post.
  • There was a formatting problem with two of the User Payments with Transactions reports: dates were showing an unnecessary time component that overlapped with the transaction reference number.
  • In the Volunteering module, slots that had passed were being included when counting available slots for a volunteering opportunity.
  • For multi-tier clubs with separate websites, there was a problem creating a forum at the top level based on a committee defined at the lower level.
  • There was a display issue with the Birthdays/Anniversaries widget.
  • In the Event Calendar, we fixed the following problems:

    • If an event allowed registrations and the "Member can Cancel" option was enabled, and then the event was changed to "Registration Not Required", the "Member can Cancel" option, cancellation cutoff date, and cancellation fee were being retained when they were no longer necessary.
    • There were a number of issues with event capacities and the processes used to clear in-progress registrations that had timed out and registrations not paid in time.
    • There were a number of issues with the Waitlist feature, where the "Register Now" button would disappear even though the Waitlist capacity had not been reached.
    • There was a bug where waitlisted members were showing time expired sooner than they should have.
    • There was an issue with the module level Events and Registrants export, where the Attended column was not reflecting the data accurately.
  • In the E-Commerce Storefront module, we fixed the following problems:

    • The checkout screen was not showing any information about an order for a digital item when that item had an Additional Information question that had been answered.
    • The Additional Information box was appearing when additional information was optional for a product, even if the user elected not to specify any for that product.
    • If a product had a required question that was initially skipped, a warning message would appear but the entry field would also disappear, making it impossible to correct the problem and proceed with the purchase.
  • In the E-Learning module, we changed the text "CME Credits" to "Credits", to be more generic.
  • In the Continuing Education & Certification module, there was a problem with the situation where zero credits were required to renew a certification.
  • The Display Sequence option for Club Titles was not working correctly when there was a long list of titles.
  • For our Aging-in-Place Village customers, we fixed the following problems:

    • There was a problem where the "Members of a specific metro area" emailing distribution list was not retaining the metro area name on the emailing admin page.
    • There was a problem where the user was being returned to the last edited service request when returning to the Member Services Manager after performing some other operation in the system.
    • If there are no visible services in the Transportation category, when someone clicks the button to create a new Transportation request the following message now appears: No visible transportation service categories have been defined.
    • If a service requests email was sent out (resend, not needed, etc), the status would initially change on the appropriate providers' contact status in the UI but was being changed to "Selected" in the database. If Save was not clicked to update the database with what was on the UI, all providers' status would be "Selected".
Again, all of these problems have been fixed.

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