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Administrator Email - 5/9/2019 - Announcing Version 8.2

With this admin email, we're pleased to announce ClubExpress version 8.2. This release includes enhancements to the Resource Scheduling module (overnight and daily reservations!) and Event Calendar (including a new QuickRelease function), as well as other, smaller features. Click the options on the left to see more details.
The Administrator Manual will be updated over the weekend. The online help system will be updated in the next week or so.

We will hold a webinar on Wednesday, May 22 to describe the new features in version 8.2. For more information, please click here. There is no need to RSVP but attendance is limited to the first 200 people. If you can't make it, this webinar will be recorded and an edited version will be available on the website within 48 hours.

Also check out some of our recent video tutorials and webinars. They can be found on our website, under the Cool Stuff --> Video Tutorials and Cool Stuff --> Webinars options. 
As I mentioned in a previous email, we're hard at work on more features, including support for QuickBooks Online, Ad Hoc Reporting, and more Event Calendar enhancements. Look for another major announcement in the second week of July.

In this issue:

Resource Scheduler

Many clubs and associations have been asking for the ability to do overnight and daily reservations within the Resource Scheduler module. This feature has now been deployed. 

At the Category level, you can now define a Reservation Type of "Daily". Other category options will change, including the ability to define overnight reservations with "check-in" and "check-out" times. You can also define minimum and maximum reservation lengths in days rather than fractions of an hour.

Other Enhancements to the Resource Scheduler:

Copy and Multi-Copy Functions. For example, if the Bridge club always meets in Room A from 10:00 AM to Noon on Wednesdays, or the tennis class meets on court B on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 - 6:00 PM, you can define the reservation once, then copy it throughout the year. The system will also notify you of potential conflicts with other reservations.

There is a new "Add to my Calendar" option that allows people making a reservation to add it to their personal calendar on their computer or mobile device.

You can also control the maximum number of days in advance that a reservation can be made, at both the category and resource levels. The category calendar and resource grids will block days beyond this limit to stop people "grabbing" a resource too far into the future. Admins can bypass these limits.

For those clubs and association that are not already using the Resource Scheduler, please note that there is a one-time fee of $500 to enable this module. It is, however, available in test mode for all organizations.

Event Calendar, incluDing "QuickRelease"

To better serve our international customers and members, the Event Calendar module now respects local time zones, date formats, and currencies. You can also optionally charge Sales Tax/VAT/GST if it applies in your local jurisdiction.

An important enhancement to the Event Calendar is a new QuickRelease function. For clubs and associations involved in activities where a release or waiver of liability is required, there has always been a problem when guests show up who have not signed the standard club release agreement that members sign. You can now have them sign a QuickRelease on the spot.

This option is enabled on the Policies screen and you can define a standard agreement to use every time. Once enabled, a new button appears for administrators, module coordinators, and event coordinators. Clicking this button displays a simple popup screen to collect first name, last name, and email address. The agreement is displayed along with an "I agree" checkbox. A signature panel is also displayed to allow the user to "sign" using a mouse or, on a touch-sensitive screen, a finger or stylus pen. This new function is fully enabled for mobile devices so that you can collect release agreements anywhere!

When the Submit button is clicked, all this information is saved to a database table, including an image of the signature. A new screen allows administrators and coordinators to view or report on all the QuickReleases for an event.

We have also addressed a number of performance issues in the event calendar, and fixed the bugs reported to us over the past few months.

Other Enhancements

The Image Editor that was added in our last release now has options to adjust the size and brightness of the image.

The Standard Member Directory now has options to control whether secondary and/or tertiary members are included in the directory results. These boxes are unchecked by default.

In Member Photo Albums, there is a new option to control whether the member's name appears in the photo album by default. 

There is a new "Submenu" widget available in the Advanced Content Editor. After you have defined a submenu on the Menus admin screen, you can now place this submenu anywhere on a custom web page or the home page. This feature makes it easier to create "sub-websites" within the main website, with their own local pages and navigation.

For those cycling clubs that use the Cue Sheets module, we have added the ability for you to upload files in multiple formats for use with GPS apps and devices. FIT, TCX, GPX, and KML files are now supported in addition to PDF.







Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed since our last version announcement:
  • Ad hoc forms was generating an error when users clicked on a form link from within an email for the first time. The error would disappear when the link was clicked a second time.
  • We were not charging Sales Tax/VAT/GST on the auto-renewal process for memberships.
  • When a photo was taken on a mobile device in portrait mode and then uploaded to the website, we were showing it sideways and not correcting the orientation. This function is significantly improved although not yet perfect.
  • There was a problem in the User Transactions report where PayPal payments were not being included in the subtotals at the end of each category.
  • QuickLinks back to your ClubExpress website that were placed on Facebook and similar websites were not working because these social networking sites added a bunch of tracking junk after the link. This junk is now ignored.
  • There was an obscure rounding error in percentage coupons that caused the discount calculation to be off by a penny.
  • The Search function in News/Articles was including Expired articles in the results.
  • Creating a link with quote characters in the link text was causing problems. There was a similar problem posting event details to social networking websites when the event Title included quote characters.
  • The new member and renewal confirmation emails were not showing the local time for clubs outside US Central time. Also, the same issue applied to membership expiration dates, especially obvious for clubs based in Australia!
  • When the alt-address was selected, the Member Directory cards were still showing the primary phone number.
  • There was a problem with Document Search not working for non-admins. Also, posting a comment in the Document Library module was not respecting the local time zone.
  • There was a problem with Unicode extended characters displaying properly on the Home page.
  • The TaxID field now supports non-US clubs and associations, where up to 20 characters are allowed.
  • In the Event Calendar, the Mark Attendance function now includes secondary/tertiary members and guests.
  • The "More Info" links on committees attached to chapters in a multi-tier Option 1 scenario were not working properly.
  • Thumbnail photos placed on a custom web page were showing a tooltip of "Undefined". Also, if a photo album short description included quote characters, it was being cut off.
  • If credit cards were turned off and PayPal was the only payment option, the Submit Payment button was not appearing.
  • If users selected the "Login as a Different User" option, then clicked the "Forgot My Username/Password" link, they were getting a message that the session had expired.
  • Clicking an email link to jump to a forum would always display the forum in Threaded View even if the member's saved preference was Flat View. Also in forums, messages displayed on the public side of the website were not respecting the local time offset.
  • In the Collectibles Manager, there was a bug when an owner name with an apostrophe (e.g. O'Malley) was entered in the search panel.
  • There was a problem in the Documents Library module where a chapter admin could not select the chapter for a newly uploaded document in some cases.
  • We also fixed many small bugs in the revamped Event Calendar.
Again, all of these problems have been fixed.

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