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Evaluating The Mobile App

To evaluate a fully functional version of the ClubExpress Mobile App, go to the Apple AppStore within iTunes or Google Play Store and search for "ClubExpress" (one word). Within our section of each store, look for the Northwest Balloon Club. This is a free download so you can easily install it on your mobile device.

Once this is done, open the app. You will see a splash screen and then the login screen. Use one of the following usernames/passwords to login:
  • Ben Richards
    • Username: brichards
    • Password: ben123
    • Member of the Burners, Tech, Safety, New York Air Flyers channels
  • Manny Diaz
    • Username: mdiaz
    • Password: manny123
    • Member of the Board, Safety, CT Classic Flyers channels
  • Leslie Bumgardner
    • Username: lbumgardner
    • Password: leslie123
    • Member of the Burners, Board, and New York Air Flyers channels
  • Jenny Cho
    • Username: jcho
    • Password: jenny123
    • Member of the Tech, Safety, and New York Air Flyers channels
  • Hector Rodriguez
    • Username: hrodriguez
    • Password: hector123
    • Member of the Board and CT Classic Flyers channels
  • Barbara Jones
    • Username: bjones
    • Password: welcome
    • Barbara has coordinator rights in Chat, Meets, Mobile App Setup, etc. When you login with this account, you will see the admin options to manage chat messages and to configure the Mobile App from the Control Panel - Website tab - Setup section.
  • >
  • Martin Smith
    • Username: msmith
    • Password: hello
    • Martin is a full administrator with all admin rights.
Everyone is also a member of the "All Members" channel.
Many people may be logging in at the same time using these credentials. So we ask you to be respectful of these other members, not to make major configuration changes, and to only post content in chat messages that is appropriate for all users.

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