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Club Registration - Basic Club Information

Club Data
Public Name  *
  The commonly used public name for your club.
Short Name  *
  Used to access your website until a domain name is configured. Letters and numbers only; no spaces.
Year Founded  *
  Brief description of the club's purpose. This description will also help search engines
to find your site.
How did you hear about us?  *
ClubExpress Rep ID
  If a ClubExpress Representative assisted you with your decision,
please enter the Rep ID here.
Official Address (shown on Contact Us page)
Address  *
City  *
State/Province  *
Zip/Postal Code  *
Country   Show All Countries
Phone, Fax, & Email
  Enter the phone, fax, and/or email address for general inquiries.
Email  *
Legal Info
Legal Name
  If the legal name of your club is different from the commonly used club name, enter it here.
  State in which the club is incorporated
  Does the club have not-for-profit status according to section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code?
Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN)
  Format nn-nnnnnnn
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