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Administrator Email - 3/6/2024 - Announcing

Version 69

We're excited to announce ClubExpress Version 69. This release includes changes to the Photo Albums public and admin pages, some new options for accepting donations as additional charges, major enhancements to the e-learning module, renewal settings, direct debit option for international customers and a whole slew of minor enhancements. We wanted to take the time and let you know about all the changes we've been making since version #68.

You are probably aware of our infrastructure changes over the past few months. These changes were the biggest enhancements made to ClubExpress since it's initial release. These changes greatly improve our performance, scalability, reliability and disaster recovery. It was a bit of a rocky road due to the scale of the changes, but it's smooth sailing ahead.

We will be holding a webinar on Wednesday, March 13th, starting at 12:00 Noon US Eastern time, 11:00 AM Central, 10:00 AM Mountain, and 9:00 AM Pacific, for those who want to learn more about these enhancements. If you can't make it, the webinar recording will be available within a couple of days, on the ClubExpress YouTube channel. Here are the connection details:
Meeting ID: 857 3145 3332
Passcode: 613588
In this issue:

Photo Albums

We’ve added a lot of helpful features for managing club Photos and Photo Albums, plus an updated grid layout for the user side of Photo Albums.
Your Photo Library can also display in grid view and you can quickly see if a photo is in an album. Plus,  you can require certain data be added whenever someone uploads a new image.

Link Tracking

There is a new feature in the control panel > communications tab > setup section that is available on your website. This feature allows you to insert trackable links into your home page, custom pages or anywhere on your site. When links are clicked, they are tracked and can be managed through the admin interface. This is a handy tool for analytics and determining if users are interacting with your pages.

Additional Charges

No more workarounds! You can now link an Additional Charge you add at signup or renewal to a Donation fund on your website. Donations are recorded in the fund and added to the donation history for the member.

Plus, you can assign specific charges for certain member types, like an optional tshirt available only to your Ride Leaders.

Watch the webinar


We updated the user side to make course management easier for users, and added a ton of new features to boost your courses.
We updated the front end of courses for users and added support for E-Learning in the Member Profile. You can now add documents to a course, exclude certain member types from courses, set a new passing score and build your own certificates.

Watch the tutorials

Renewal Settings

We’ve added a new renewal option – Optional Automatic Renewal and Payment. Setting member types to this option lets the new member choose whether to renew automatically, and whether to have their saved credit card charged automatically.


Clubs with members who auto-renew receive an email when their membership renews. Now, you can add an additional reminder to let members know their renewal date is approaching.

Direct DEBIT For UK Customers

We added a new payment method for clubs and associations in the UK with a Stripe standard account connected to ClubExpress. UK clubs meeting those criteria can activate Bacs Direct Debit to allow members to pay from their bank accounts.

Minor Enhancements

They may be small but there’s nothing minor about them – read on for helpful additions and improvements to the features and modules on your website:

QuickBooks® Online
  • We added new fields for Credit Liability and Cash/Discount Accounts on the Money Options screen.
    The built-in Transfer report now includes a section on transactions and payments that have been deleted in CE since they were transferred to QBO.
    When items are flagged to be resent to QBO in the next transfer, you now have the option to flag items not to be resent.

  • New - Added .ics file to confirmation and reminder emails
  • New – link achievement to committee membership and committee terms
  • New – read-only achivements for members
Ad Hoc Reporting
  • New – Data fields for event attachments
  • New - Events – registrant and emergency contact only
  • New - Renewals – continuous renewals report
  • New – Added Google Maps link to user info popup for admins in various places (like the member info link in the People Manager)
  • New - Added current members/membership count to control panel
  • New - Added last login date to membership profile
  • New – add transaction type as a filter in transaction search
  • New – ability to filter by member type in directory
  • New – configurable reminder for auto-renewing memberships
  • Improved - Email tracking when someone views emails “in their browser” as opposed to their email client
  • Improved - Added validators to Latitude/Longitude on business directory profile
  • Updated - Terms and conditions for text messaging
  • Updated - Replaced “home phone” with “primary phone”
  • Updated - Larger font in AOR emails
  • Improved - status log notes for SRs
  • New - Volunteers can edit date and time of any request with a status of pending, confirmed or completed (regardless of whether the request has a flexible date/time)
Continuing Education
  • New – Added a date selector to the Add Credit screen
  • New – Added course number field to pre-approved courses, Member Profile and related system emails

Bug Fixes

We squashed these pesky bugs:
  • Fixed - widgets loading empty on some pages
  • Fixed - a problem where secondary members are not able to register their primary member as a guest
  • FIxed - an error when editing multi event registrations
  • Fixed - When QE is approved, it had a problem where it turned into a single activity event
  • Fixed - a problem where event contacts are not receiving registration or cancellation emails
  • Fixed - a problem with the Quick Event button where it wouldn't work for members
  • Fixed - a tax rate calculation issue with different tax rates for activities/items
  • Fixed - a problem where registrants could select themselves as guest
  • Fixed - a problem in Quick Events where events that last multiple days did not allow end time to be before start time
  • Fixed - an event loading issue where if too many people accessed an event at the same time it would cause the event to crash
  • Fixed - an event search problem where only the start days were returned in searches
  • Fixed - Event contacts with admin rights were not able to send a test email through the event interface
  • Tax was not being reimbursed when an event was removed from a registration
  • Fixed - a problem where multi activity end times would not change
  • Fixed - a problem where registration could be over event capacity if registering more than 1 person.
  • Fixed - Subgroup admins were not seeing correct number of completed registrations
  • Fixed - Activity questions werent showing up when activity is visible to admins/coordinators only
Page Builder/Template Builder
  • Fixed - a display issue with the "card view" in events widget where it could overflow the page
  • Fixed - a problem with accordion widgets recalling the width on edit if a  px width was defined
  • Fixed - a date time calculation issue with the birthdays/anniversary widget when the time spanned a new year
  • Fixed - rounding error in storefront module
  • Fixed – storefront – admin didn’t get the option to select who the purchase is for when purchasing for another member
  • Fixed - storefront delivery status email which did not reflect club time zone
  • Fixed – Error when adding committee title distribution list
  • Fixed - committees public page to properly display emails when configured
  • Fixed – standard member directory – map points didn’t display correctly if a country wasn’t chosen
  • Fixed - business directory search problem where error would occur when searching by postal code
  • Fixed - a time zone issue in contact report
  • Fixed – mobile app channel memberships – coordinators couldn’t access the page
  • Fixed - bad emails page, where temporary failures would not clear
  • Fixed - Text messaging, when disabling the module would not entirely disable features
  • Fixed - a problem where subgroup admins could not set forum membership
  • Fixed - Additional Questions weren't including personalization tags
  • Fixed - UI issues with Guest Passes waiver
  • Fixed – documents – subgroup admins couldn’t access folders via admin tree
  • Fixed - Service Request Summary by Category Report showing more Requests then there actually are
  • Fixed - Service Request Sign Up Tag is Not Populating
  • Fixed - Time zone for notes on service requests defaulting to central time.
  • Fixed - Standard service cancellation reasons being duplicated on list when making not visible.
Continuing Education
  • Fixed - course search and credit filter display bugs
  • Fixed - perpetual usage of Credits when keyword is changed

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