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About ClubExpress

ClubExpress was developed by Gembrook Systems, LLC, a software development firm based in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We're a group of club and association veterans; we've been involved in car clubs, computer clubs, community service clubs, entrepreneurial groups, and various outdoor clubs for many years, both as members and as officers.
We've also been software developers for more than 30 years, and have worked with the Internet and web-based technologies since the earliest days. Our founders have developed some of the most sophisticated Internet applications ever deployed. We've also enveloped custom membership databases for a number of membership-based organizations. So we know what clubs and associations need.


As club administrators, you know that one of the toughest problems facing any club, large or small, is finding enough volunteers to run the club and organize activities. Being the one who does the work behind the scenes can be a thankless task and with our increasingly busy lives, our hobbies, professional interests, community service activities, and kids' activities sometimes get pushed aside.

But we also know that these passions and community involvements help keep us sane. They enrich our family lives and networks of friends by allowing us to share activities together. They enrich our communities through charitable and education programs and through a web of connections to club in other communities. They foster an appreciation of the natural environment and of our history and cultural heritage. They strengthen our professional networks and help us to improve our careers. Our clubs and associations and community organizations are an integral part of America and a free society.
Our mission is to take the drudgery out of running and growing a club or association. Using the powerful technologies of the Internet, we make it as easy as possible to create, manage and sustain a strong, vibrant club, one that people join because it's fun, because it helps them, and because it adds to their communities. Our objective is to earn your business by earning your trust and by demonstrating extraordinary customer service. We will price our products and services reasonably for non-profit organizations, so that the officers of a club or association, no matter how small or how little they charge, will see ClubExpress as a good choice to help sustain and grow their club.

Our mission is to take the drudgery out of running and growing a club or association.
We make it as easy as possible to create, manage and sustain a strong and vibrant club...

How ClubExpress Works

This 35 minute video provides a quick introduction to ClubExpress. Click Here to Watch

If you'd prefer a guided demo, just call us at (866) 457-2582 or Request a live demo

1 Create
With ClubExpress, there is no software to install. The ClubExpress platform works over the Internet using any Internet browser and personal computer. Your information is stored on our dedicated servers in a secure data center and can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere.

Clubs and associations sign up to ClubExpress online, using a special Signup Wizard. When you join, we create your account and a default website. We then take you to the website where you login to start defining your member database and the content of your site. You use the tools within ClubExpress itself to create your website, membership database, non-member contact list, member types, event calendar, document libraries, committees, member interests, etc.

Once you go live, the website can be accessed in a number of ways:
  • If you already have an Internet domain name, we will help you transfer it.
  • If you don't have a domain name, we can help you get one.
  • If you don't want a domain name, you can always access your website using a sub-domain (for example,
2 Customize
As a club or association administrator, you customize the website using our powerful designers and configuration utilities. You specify the layout and color scheme of the site, as well as the logo, text and background to use in the header of each page. ClubExpress includes a number of built-in templates and themes, but we also support custom templates to replicate the look and feel of your current website. Additionally, you can configure your club's membership database, including the different member types, renewal and expiration schedules, committees, chapters, districts and regions, official contacts and other unique information.

With ClubExpress, everything is live, so you can see your updates immediately. And there is no need to come back to us for such basic tasks; all ClubExpress functions are menu- and dialog-box-driven, making it easy for even non-programmers to configure and personalize your website and database.
3 Manage
Using ClubExpress, you can maintain, track and organize all the details of your club, including new member signups, renewals, expirations, event registrations, donations and other transactions and payments.

As part of your setup, you will also send us your membership database and non-member contact lists to load automatically into your website for you. Once you have reviewed the data, ClubExpress then sends every member a welcome email, inviting them to check out the new website and to update their personal information in the database.

ClubExpress includes a merchant account for credit card processing. Funds collected through the website flow directly into your bank account. You also have the option of using your own merchant account.

With ClubExpress, there are no checks to write; our monthly fees are withdrawn directly from your organization's bank account, with detailed reports available online to track how these fees were calculated.

Why Use ClubExpress

1 Create
Build an online hub for your organization, without the need to know web coding
2 Customize
Make the site your own with a customized look and feel, menus and modules
3 Manage
Organize, communicate, and coordinate through your ClubExpress web site

You've got people. You've got passion. Now, get powerful Internet based tools to help you manage and grow a club, association or service organization. ClubExpress lets you easily create your club's custom website, integrated with your membership database and communications tools. You get features for everybody: visitors, members, program coordinators, and club officers.

Simplified Management
Everything you need is in one place, including your membership database, financial reports, events, documents, committee tracking, and more.
Better Communications
Online membership directories, email and discussion forums make it easy for people to stay in touch and keep track of news and events.
People can sign up for your club, renew membership, and pay for events online, saving mailing costs as well as time.

Greater Accessibility
ClubExpress makes your organization's membership and financial data available to authorized users from anywhere, at any time.
Higher Visibility
ClubExpress websites are optimized for search engines, helping people find you when they are looking for a club or association in your area.
No Ads
You pay a low monthly fee based on your membership-and this includes everything, as well as unlimited toll-free support.

Version History

63 - April, 2021 - More Info
  • Improvements in Email Deliverability for blast emailings
  • Redesigned "Biz.Cards" to show results in the Standard Member Directory, Committees, and Interests modules
  • More enhancements to the Event Calendar
  • POS Support - Integration with
  • Enhancements to our support for Aging-in-Place Villages, including options to simplify screens and hide features that a village is not using.
  • Many smaller enhancements
62 - March, 2021 - More Info
  • Many enhancements to the Event Calendar, including the ability to pull the answers to event questions from a member's contact info or the answers to additional member data questions.
  • Personal Pronoun support
  • Accessibility and WCAG 2.1 Level AA Compliance (requires an additional annual fee)
  • Custom Web Pages now have full Delete protection
  • Redesigned member Bio screen, including a personal "header" image like many social networks
  • Many smaller enhancements
61 - November, 2020 - January, 2021 - More Info
  • We completely redesigned the Administrator Control Panel
    • Updated and modern user interface
    • No more scrolling
    • Hide options that you will never use
  • We also completely redesigned the Member Profile screen to be more modern and easier to use
  • More Discussion Forum improvements
  • Support for Stripe payment processing in 40+ countries
  • Many smaller enhancements
Version 60 - September, 2020 - Our biggest release ever! - More Info
  • We completely redesigned how you create and maintain the Home Page and Custom Web Pages
    • Row- and cell-oriented designer
    • Drag-and-Drop interface
    • Visibility and future visibility options
    • New content editor
    • New Preview mode, including viewing on mobile devices
    • Powerful versioning and delete protection
    • Updated manager pages
  • New People Manager with powerful search/sort options and an updated results grid
  • Discussion forum improvements, including a redesigned Threaded View
  • Event Calendar Enhancements, including a redesigned Search function
  • First Login improvements
  • SSL Certificates can now be renewed for up to 5 years
  • Many QuickBooks Online improvements to more easily find and correct configuration errors
59 - July, 2020 - More Info
  • Business Memberships
  • Discussion Forums
    • Threading improvements
    • Customized disclaimer notes
    • Improved navigation
    • Improved admin tools
  • Many improvements to the Event Calendar
  • QuickBooks Online improvements, including better error handling
  • More Gift Memberships features
  • Ad Hoc reports - 30 day free trial
  • Support for "Other" Payment Options
  • Accessibility improvements for users with disabilities
58 - May, 2020 - More Info
  • Event Calendar Enhancements:
    • Waitlist Support
    • Multi-tier Option 2 - share events up and down the hierarchy
    • Partial Payments - further changes
  • Credit card refunds
  • Gift Memberships
  • First Login
  • Tell a Friend
  • Updates to the News/Articles module
  • Significant updates to the look and feel of forum emailed messages and digests
  • Rebuilt the Multiple Misc. Charges/Credits function
57 - February, 2020 - More Info
  • Many new Distribution List options for Emailings and Text Messages
  • New "Exclude" option when building an Emailing distribution list
  • New model for handling partial payments for more expensive events
  • Charge credit card fees from the same bank account into which funds were deposited
  • Many enhancements to the Donations module, including support for Recurring Donations
  • More than a dozen enhancements to other parts of the platform

56 - November, 2019 - More Info
  • Send text messages to member and non-member mobile phones
    • Members and non-members must opt-in (by Federal law) but we simplify this process
    • Dedicated phone number for each club or association
    • Complex distribution lists, same as in Emailings
    • Control when a message is sent (date and time)
    • Optional embedded link back to the website
    • Single or double length messages
    • Integration with the Event Calendar
    • Monthly and per delivered message fees apply
  • Optionally offer discounts for payments by check or cash
  • Major overhaul of the user interface and features in the Collectibles module
  • Many more Internationalization enhancements, including support for A4-formatted reports and labels
  • Many new features for our Aging-in-Place Village customers
  • More than a dozen smaller enhancements

55 - July, 2019 - Our Biggest Release Ever! - More Info
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • QuickBooks Online Support
  • Member Profile Attachments
  • Event Calendar
    • RSVP Support - Yes/No/Maybe
    • Multiple Coordinators for an Event
    • Multi-Date Events
  • Other Enhancements
    • New Features in Classified Ads
    • Cleanup Title for uploaded Photos and Documents
    • Member Types - Control Display Sequence
    • Coordinator Copy Function
    • Popup notices on Login can be turned off
    • Configure a Survey as an Election
    • Member Manager updates
    • External Menu Items - new Options
    • Go Live date for Blogs
    • Chapters/Additional Members screen updates
    • New Control over tertiary member photos and secondary/tertiary member Join Date

54 - January - May, 2019 - More Info
  • Resource Scheduler Changes
    • Support for daily and overnight reservations
    • Copy and Multi-Copy functions
    • Add to my Calendar option
    • Control the max days out that a reservation can be made
  • Event Calendar
    • Internationalized for time zones, date formats, currencies, and sales tax/VAT/GST support
    • QuickRelease function for guests who have not signed the club's Release/Waiver form
  • Image Editor improvements (support for size and brightness adjustments)
  • New options in the Standard Member Directory
  • New options in Photo Albums
  • New Submenu widget
  • GPS file support in the Cue Sheets module for cycling clubs

53 - September - December, 2018 - More Info
  • The ability to record attendance at an event or activity using a mobile device, including scanning a membership card barcode
  • Redesigned editor for creating and replying to discussion forum messages on a mobile device
  • The ability to manipulate photos and web graphics
  • New search and filtering options in Photo Albums
  • Collect and store emergency contact information for members
  • Track bank account changes
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries widget in the content editor
  • Save an Emailing as a template
  • Reminder system emails can now be edited
  • iCal Support in the Event Calendar (compatible with mobile devices and Google Calendar)

52 - May - August, 2018 - More Info
  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for compliance with EU GDPR
    • Updated screens and processes to provide compliance also for individual clubs and associations
  • New interface for creating and sending blast Emailings
  • New interface for creating and managing events in the Event Calendar module
  • Support for many new registrant types in events
  • Support for "Always Secure" mode and for clubs to purchase their own SSL Certificates
  • More internationalization changes
    • Reports have been updated
    • Blogs
    • Control Panel improvements for non-US customers
    • Expanded support for sales tax / VAT / GST
  • New Subgroup features for organizations with chapters/districts/regions
    • Photos and photo albums have been fully subgroup enabled
    • New template copy function to create a sub-website within the main site
  • Mailing List Categories for both members and non-members (replaces Non-Member Categories)
  • Improvements in PDF file handling
  • Improvements in email deliverability
  • New function to Drop older Expired members

51 - March, 2018 - More Info
  • Rebuilt Standard Member Directory module
  • 2nd Part of Internationalization Project - time zones and redesigned address panels
  • Many usability enhancements for Admins - financial accounts, menus, bad email handling, primary/secondary/tertiary member handling
  • Member notifications on login for a pending payment or it's time to renew
  • "Log in as a Different User" for people who share a computer
  • Enhancements in Collectibles, Committees, the Event Calendar
  • Enhancements to the Meets function in the Mobile App

Version 50 - December, 2017 - More Info
  • New Business Directory module for Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations
  • 1st Part of Internationalization Project - localized currency symbols and date formats
  • Redesigned News/Articles module with many new features; also a live News widget
  • Redesigned the FAQ/Technical Library module with a new UI, tag support, and a search function
  • Blogs can now have multiple authors
  • Track and report on adds to, and drops from, chapters and interest groups
  • 301 Redirect support for clubs moving to ClubExpress from other platforms
  • Dozens of smaller enhancements to other modules and functions

49 - August, 2017 - More Info
  • PayPal Support - members and non-members can pay pending transactions using their PayPal account
  • Significant upgrade to the Blogs module
    • Updated user interface
    • The tagging system, previously announced, has been added to Blogs
    • New search function to find blog posts by author, date range, tag, text, etc.
    • New subscription model using email instead of RSS
    • A new Blogs Widget allows you to highlight recent blog posts on your home page or a common content panel
  • Redesigned Contact Us screen now includes a Captcha to minimize spam or bot submissions
  • Event calendar now allows quantity for items in a multi-activity event
  • Many new and updated reports and data exports
  • Dozens of smaller enhancements throughout the system, addressing customer requests
  • TLS1.2 now enforced for member login and other secure pages for improved security

48 - April, 2017
  • Significant improvements to the Emailing system to improve compatibility with email viewers and mobile devices
  • Powerful new Collectibles module for clubs where people "collect" things
    • Define any number of properties across multiple pages
    • Answers can be in 25+ different formats
    • Members define individual items within their collections
    • Link a photo or a complete photo album to each item
    • Can be used as a formal "Registry", including items owned by non-members
    • User, member and admin search functions to locate items
  • Major upgrade to the Documents Library module
    • Limit folder visibility to subgroup members (chapter, district, region)
    • New tagging system
    • New search function to find documents by title, description, tag, format, etc.
    • New central Document Approval page
    • New folder option to allow member uploads without admin approval
    • New global options page for document folders
    • New multi-upload function
  • The new tagging system has also been added to Photos and the News/Articles module; there is also a global tag manager
  • Custom web pages, news articles and document descriptions now accept foreign language characters, emojis, symbols and other special characters (Unicode support)

47 - December, 2016
  • Significant improvements to the advanced Content Editor, used to update the home page and custom web pages
  • Improvements to the Home Page Designer for better rendering on mobile devices
    • Home page now accepts foreign language characters, emojis, symbols and other special characters (Unicode support)
  • Improved user interface for the Documents Library module
  • Many enhancements to the Mobile App, including chat notifications and Add to Calendar
  • New Subgroup Members admin function
  • New Cancel Event function
  • More control over page titles for improved SEO
  • More enhancements in our support for Aging-in-Place Villages

46 - October, 2016
  • Powerful Mobile App for each club or association, with the following special functions:
    • Channel-based. Create as many channels as you need, with membership controlled in 8 different ways;
    • Live Chat function to communicate with channel members in real time;
    • Meets - connect with channel members in your vicinity;
    • Channel Directory;
    • Channel Events;
    • Channel Polls.
  • Chat and Meets functions are also available on the website
  • New Ad Hoc Forms module
  • Enhancements to the Resource Scheduling Module
  • Expanded Committee Exports
  • More than 40 enhancements to our support for Aging-in-Place Villages

45 - April, 2016
  • Powerful new Resource Scheduling module for associations with physical assets that can be rented or reserved
  • New Classified Ads module
  • Enhancements to the blast Emailings function, including an updated UI, personalization, attachments, and online viewing
  • Enhancements to the Check-In Desk module
  • New export to show all the members in a membership on a single line

44 - December, 2015
  • Powerful new Jobs Board module for professional and trade associations
  • New Transaction Search and Bulk Payment Update screen
  • Enhancements to the Interests module
  • New exports and reports
  • New forum option: build a forum around the answers to an Additional Member Data question
  • Support for the new Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10

43 - August, 2015
  • Powerful new Certification and Continuing Education module for professional and trade associations
  • Many enhancements to Additional Member Data questions, including a simplified interface to define questions
  • Now 20+ question types, including formatted text with support for regular expressions and images
  • These new question types and features also added to Surveys and Event Questions
  • Many other enhancements to the Surveys module, including limiting a survey to a subgroup and to primary members only
  • Two new modules for Aging-in-Place Villages: Volunteer Self Signup and Become a Service Provider

42 - April, 2015
  • Redesigned the look and feel of the E-Commerce Storefront and added many new features
  • Redesigned the Storefront Order Fulfillment process to make it easier to use
  • Redesigned the public pages of the Event Calendar and the Event Registration Wizard 
  • Event Calendar sequence numbers at the registration, registrant, or activity-registrant levels
  • System emails switched to HTML format with a built-in edit and customization tool
  • New "Accordion" and "New/Renewing Member" widgets in the editor
  • Copy URL function for documents and photos
  • Redirect to an external website on logout

41 - December, 2014
  • Responsive Design to render ClubExpress websites appropriately on smartphones and tablets 
  • Converted all remaining Control Panel and admin screens to use icons
  • New Web Graphics interface, including support for folders and titles
  • Improved management of image orientation for photos uploaded from mobile devices
  • Improvements in how documents, photos, and videos are stored, uploaded and displayed
  • Improvements in email reliability and deliverability
  • New reports and exports for Donations
  • New Weather widget in the editor

Version 40 - August, 2014
  • More improvements to the Event Calendar, including enhanced support for release agreements and larger events ('000s of participants). 
  • Introducing QuickEvents, including support for member-created events!
  • Redesigned Social Networking support, including the powerful new ability push content to your social networks
  • Enhancements to the Donations module, including support for tracking non-cash donations and employer matching funds
  • Enhancements to the Surveys module
  • New Check-in Desk module
  • New Facebook and Twitter Feed widgets in the editor
  • New reports and data exports

39 - April, 2014
  • Redesigned Discussion Forums module with many new features
  • Redesigned Document Library module
  • Redesigned FAQ/Technical Library module
  • Redesigned home page editor
  • Updated user interface for Committees, Interests, News/Articles, Donations, Surveys, Benefits and Contact Us
  • Many improvements to the Event Calendar, including the ability to edit event registrations
  • alt text support when placing images on pages

38 - November, 2013
  • Changed credit card processing to use the club's name instead of "ClubExpress"
  • New Volunteering module
  • Redesigned Member Directory module
  • Redesigned page header editor with many new options
  • Predefined emailing templates with Copy functionality
  • Improvements to Photo Albums
  • New design for linking subgroups (chapters, etc.) to bank accounts
  • Redesigned online help system
  • Many user interface improvements

37 - July, 2013
  • New and powerful tools to control the look and feel of ClubExpress websites
  • Many new templates and layouts
  • Predefined and custom color schemes
  • Unprecedented control over backgrounds and watermarks
  • New control over website width
  • New control over text styles for normal and heading text
  • Many new design layouts for headings
  • Many new menu layouts
  • Install and use custom fonts throughout your website
  • Full support for Preview and Apply; make changes at any time!
  • Transaction Reference Number (invoice no.) throughout the system
  • Individual club refund policies
  • Improved Authorize.Net interface for clubs with their own merchant account

36 - May, 2013
  • New user interface for Photo Albums
  • New user interface for Blogs
  • Updated admin interface for Custom Web Pages and Photo Albums
  • Enhanced Quick Member Lookup screen
  • Internal improvements to the Emailings process to make it more robust
  • Improvements in the Member Directory function for clubs where people join through their business/professional lives
  • CheckBox questions in Surveys now allow you to limit how many boxes can be checked
  • Improvements to mailing label reports
  • New reports! ClubExpress now has more than 180 reports.
  • New design for popup windows
  • New Page Tools Widget
  • Additional options to control renewal and expiration settings

35 - November, 2012
  • News module expanded to include "Articles" support
  • More video tutorials
  • Password strength meter and support for longer usernames and passwords
  • Many internal updates (session management, caching, etc.)
  • Editor update for better paragraph handling
  • Improved processes for Immediate Payment Required events
  • Convert expired or dropped members to non-members

34 - July, 2012
  • Upcoming Events and Slideshow widgets, and new widget editing options
  • New Support tab on the Control Panel
  • Video tutorials
  • Discount coupons
  • FEIN can be stored and will display on invoices and receipts
  • The ability to subscribe to a forum thread
  • Event questions now have a "Visibility" option
  • Improvements to event confirmation and cancellation emails
  • Improvements to the standard Member Directory
  • Enhancements to reports, including sub-group enabling a number of reports
  • Member Manager enhancements for Pending members and in the Primary/Secondary/Tertiary dialog
  • Enhancements to the Donations function

33 - February, 2012
  • Committees can now include non-members
  • Improved interface for managing website graphics
  • Improved interface for the Photo Page Index screen
    • Search functions
    • Paging for clubs with dozens or hundreds of pages
  • All system emailings moved to a queue architecture for improved reliability
  • Event improvements
    • Automated reminder emails for upcoming events
    • Improved user interface for specifying event registrant types
    • Position the event Description panel at the top or bottom
    • Confirmation email when an event registration is cancelled
  • Improved control over website appearance
    • Define website width and background (color or image)
    • Advanced style sheet controls for experienced website developers
    • Preview appearance changes before applying them
  • New control over expiration date for rolling renewals
  • Improved handling of secondary and tertiary members when a primary member renews
  • Redesigned Contact Us page
  • Configure default directory visibility for new members
  • Storefront pending orders export
  • Reports now displayed using SSL
  • Improved interface for approving forum messages in moderated forums

32 - October, 2011
  • New Control Panel interface using tabs and panels
    • Improved security options, especially for reports
    • Icons to quickly access major functions for each option
    • Setup tasks are hidden unless required
  • New emailing user interface and features
    • Distribution lists allow sending emails to complex combinations of members and non-members
    • More than 30 options for selecting the members and/or non-members
    • Distribution lists can be saved and reused
    • Saved template support
    • Tracking who opened the email
  • Improved support for emailings with multi-tier clubs
  • New discussion forum features
    • Limiting a search to the current forum
    • Filtering within a date range
    • AND, OR, Exact, Boolean and Fuzzy search options
    • Improved performance in forum searches
    • Simplified editor for forum messages
    • Improvements to forum emails and digest messages
    • Forum membership can now be based on a chapter, district or region
    • New forum reports
  • Immediate payment required option for event registrations
  • Quick Polls
    • One question, radio buttons only
    • Answers are shown immediately
  • Donation editing
  • RSS Subscribe button on the main Blogs page

31 - May, 2011
  • ClubExpress now supports TWO models for multi-tier clubs and associations
    • In the original model, everyone belongs to the top level and there is only one website to login to.
    • In the new model, everyone belongs to the lowest level and there are multiple websites to login to.
  • Social networking links to club Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn pages
  • New Chapter Finder module
  • Track Member "Achievements"
  • Improvements to multi-photo uploads
  • In discussion forums, members can now edit their own messages
  • Changes to the Payment page when multiple transactions appear
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9.0

Version 30 - February, 2011
  • New report output option to CSV
  • Event calendar now gives control over required fields for non-members and companions/guests
  • Improvements to viewing photos
  • Additional addresses for the club (official, payments, meetings)
  • Google Analytics support
  • Payment confirmation email includes more details
  • Maximum interests that a member can sign up for

29 - October, 2010
  • New Blogs module
  • Automated membership payments
  • Different menus for each member types
  • New website templates
  • Additional charges can be run at any time
  • How heard option for mailing list
  • New edit options for credits
  • Improvements to how companions are registered for an event

28 - June, 2010
  • New display of committee members
  • Forum defaults can now be specified
  • See how often a forum thread has been viewed
  • New forum reports
  • Event details can be inserted in the confirmation email
  • New "Printed Newsletters" option
  • New invoice reports for standard #9 and #10 window envelopes
  • Google Site Verification support
  • Support for uploaded files up to 90MB in size (videos, etc.)
  • Many other smaller improvements

27 - February, 2010
  • Redesigned wizards for new member signups and renewals
  • More control over which screens appear in these wizards
  • Non-members can be in more than category
  • Support for uploading and inserting audio, video and Flash files
  • Simplified links to videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • In the documents module, you can optionally allow members to upload documents and allow them to rate and comment on documents
  • Discussion forums module
    • New options to handle replies in listserver mode
    • Strong or weak threading
    • Forum edit page was redesigned
    • Subject Tag option
    • Improvements to the Daily Digest format
  • Hi-res photo support in the Membership Directory
  • New sorting and display options for Photo Pages
  • Multi-photo upload now uses the original filename by default
  • Improvements to QuickBooks transaction and credit exports
  • New payment method for multi-tier clubs
  • Many new reports
  • "Not-Attending option in the event calendar
  • Redesigned Login page
  • Internal changes to the transaction and payment systems

26 - August, 2009
  • Photo management has been completely redesigned
    • Photo libraries replaced by a tagging system
    • Master tags and a tag analyzer
    • Multi-photo upload
    • Photo albums simplified and enhanced, with new options
  • Social networking support on the member bio screen
  • Sub-menus, menu separators and external menu choices
  • Improvements in email handling for better deliverability
  • More QuickBooks improvements
    • New Member and non-member export
    • Sales tax support in the E-Commerce Storefront
    • Exports based on date entered, not the date recorded
    • Storefront transactions include item count and cost per item
  • An updated content editor
    • More efficient HTML code
    • A resizable editor window
    • Improved spellchecking interface
    • Insert emoticons (smilies
    • Improved font size management
    • New style builder options
    • Document inspector
  • Button builder for links
  • Event calendar user interface changes
  • Multiple default locations for events
  • Optional member cancellations
  • New member directory visibility options
  • New options for clubs with chapters
  • Improvements to the Member and Non-Member Managers

25 - April, 2009
  • New E-Commerce Storefront module
    • Any number of categories, products, and product variations
    • Define a "small" or "large" storefront with different options
    • Support for digital content that is downloaded
    • Manage product availability and visibility
    • Define pricing for members, non-members and specials
    • Track inventory, backordering and partial-fulfillment
    • Control shipping and handling fees, and sales tax
    • Full integration with ClubExpress transactions and payments
    • Shopping cart, including quantity adjust and remove
    • Checkout with gift option, shipping method and address
  • Optional 3rd renewal notice
  • New protections against duplicate signups
  • New options for clubs with chapters to control chapter admin access

24 - December, 2008
  • Scheduled emailings (now or on a specified future date)
  • Improved emailing support in the event calendar
  • More email filtering options
  • Track and report on event attendance
  • Improvements to adding companions/guests to an event registration
  • New options to control how subgroup dues are calculated
  • Member Event History on the Profile screen
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Multiple miscellaneous charges
  • Non-member merge to remove duplicate information
  • Member manager UI improvements
  • Favicon can be customized

23 - October, 2008 - Our biggest upgrade ever!
  • Powerful support for clubs with chapters, districts and regions (subgroups)
    • 1, 2 or 3 levels
    • Define names at each level
    • Defined subgroup coordinators with limited management control over just the members of that subgroup
    • Non-member database is subgroup enabled
    • Event calendar, committees and documents were subgroup enabled
    • Custom web pages and photo pages are subgroup enabled
    • Selected reports and data exports are subgroup enabled
    • Control over how subgroup fees are charged
    • Automatic distribution of fees to subgroup bank accounts
  • Support added for "Tertiary" members (linked to a primary but cannot login)
  • Control over what information is collected for secondary and tertiary members
  • Control over what and how many chapters a member can join
  • Other improvements to member types
  • New features added to the Chapter Finder, including image maps and what information will be shown
  • Discussion Forum changes for improved email handling
  • Redesigned Documents module to support folders and sub-folders
  • Redesigned Committees module to support sub-committees
  • Improved activity management in events
  • Interests export option
  • Surveys module results now include comments
  • Donations module supports decimals
  • Home Page Editor improvements
  • New data exports
  • Better support for Canadian postal codes

22 - April, 2008
  • Added a context-sensitive online help system
  • Discussion forum enhancements
    • Quote from the previous message
    • Reply privately
    • View message author's bio
    • Set initial forum defaults
  • Edit payment history
  • Improved transaction and payment management features
  • Member interests screen can now be included in the member signup wizard
  • More control over which fields are shown on the Contact Info screen
  • Control over secondary member "type"
  • Remember Me option when logging in
  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Event calendar enhancements
    • Short Description for notifications
    • Optionally display public holidays on the calendar grid
    • Improved validation for missing or incorrect values
    • More information shown for event locations
    • Required activities for  multi-activity events
    • Non-members can find themselves in the database if they previously attended an event
    • More options to edit registrations
    • Improved event-specific questions
    • Reports and exports within the event calendar
  • Significant improvements to the non-member database and manager
  • Import non-members from a CSV file
  • Convert a non-member to a member
  • Optionally hide the non-member transaction fee
  • Improved validation in the new member signup and renewal wizards
  • Many other small feature enhancements

21 - December, 2007
  • We redesigned the user interface for the event calendar and event management
    • New event search and filtering options
    • New grid and list views
    • New admin "ribbon" bar for each event
    • More event default settings to configure the calendar for your club's preferences
    • Color coded event categories
    • Improvements to Registrant Types, including compound and hidden types
    • Added Registrant List visibility options
    • Change the text of the "Register Now" button
    • List cancellation policy for an event
    • List event "rules" for an event
    • Warn if a member is already registered for an event
    • Optionally cancel and delete all unpaid registrations
    • Improvements to event Notifications
    • The printable version of the calendar is reformatted
    • Enter notes about an event
    • Event exports at the registration, registrant and activity-registrant levels
    • Registration - View Details option
    • Improvements to event registration confirmation emails
    • Event Capacity limits are now strictly enforced
    • Partial payment options are now available
  • Pending payments page was redesigned
    • Includes more information about each transaction
    • Now supports partial payments and credits
    • New "Please wait" screen and receipt page
  • Profile - Transaction History page redesigned to show more information
  • Profile - Payment History page was also redesigned to show more information
  • Profile - Credits page
  • New Pending Payments and Credit reports
  • New Open Credits manager screen
  • In the Member Directory, we improved searching for members in Canada
  • In the Donations module, control the sequence of funds
  • In the Interests module, create interest categories visible to admins only
  • In the Surveys module, create a survey visible to a selected member type only
  • Multiple email forwarding addresses for club email accounts
  • Login page has a "Remember me on this computer" option

Version 20 - December, 2007
  • Significant discussion forum enhancements
    • Fully functional listserver for email-based forums
    • New forum membership options
    • New forum security options (support for a "moderator")
    • New forum status and visibility options
    • New options to control moderator approval
    • Individual member blocking or approval required
    • New search options
    • Forum Policies page
    • New forum icons to indicate new, pinned and current messages
    • Support for attachments to forum messages
    • New options at the individual member level
  • Club-level email accounts (e.g.
  • Improvements to better handle bounced or bad emails
  • CAN-SPAM compliance, including opt-out links
  • Blast emails supports a Test to Self option, results screen and new reports
  • Benefits module uses the advanced content editor for fully-formatted content
  • Committees module allows the sequence of committees to be controlled
  • New view options in the FAQ / Tech Library module
  • Improvements to the Member Directory / bio module

19 - April, 2007
  • Improvements to the Custom Web Page index screen
    • Category support
    • Copy function
    • More control over visibility
  • Improved error checking and reporting on the payment page
  • vCard support to download and add members to your personal contact manager
  • vCalendar support to download and add events to your personal calendar
  • Send emails to members filtered by member type
  • Documents module now allows categories visible to admins only
  • Donations module includes a comment field
  • Home page editor now supports rows visible to the public only
  • Track Drop Reason for dropped members
  • Improved session management in the popup editor window
  • Other minor usability enhancements
  • New reports

18 - December, 2006
  • New member Profile Screen - smaller and easier to navigate
  • Pending Payments screen for admins
  • Web Graphic admin screen to manage uploaded graphics and images
  • Improvements in how documents and photos are uploaded
  • Directory Bio page for business members
  • Required validator support for club-specific questions
  • New event registration confirmation email if the event was free
  • Many new member configuration options
  • New Club Options page to control keywords
  • New Website Options page
  • New screen to handle primary/secondary member relationships
  • Minor improvements to the Committees, Interests, Contact Us, Documents and Event Calendar modules
  • Configure a domain name to point to an interior page of the website
  • Support for QuickLinks -simplified URLs
  • Many new and updated reports and data exports

17 - August, 2006
  • New Surveys module
    • Supports multi-page, multi-question surveys
    • Control availability and close method
    • Allow anonymous responses and how often members can vote
    • Preamble and "Postamble" pages
    • 15 different question formats
    • View results at the response and question levels
    • Reports and data exports
    • Supports online voting for club elections
  • Usability enhancements in the Interests, photo page and member directory modules
  • Editor improvements

16 - June, 2006
  • New administrator control panel
  • New administrative coordinator security level (only some CP choices)
  • Redesigned link builder with new options and improved usability
  • HTML-based emails
  • Trial memberships
  • Improvements to club Titles and Contacts
  • New module has additional options
  • Many report enhancements
  • Support for clubs to have their own merchant account for credit card processing

15 - March, 2006
  • New credit card processor and rates
  • Improved error handling for credit card transactions
  • A new advanced content editor for creating HTML-based content/pages
  • New Donations module
    • Fund title, description, active, visibility
    • Allow anonymous donations
    • Optional suggested amount and goal
    • Non-member donations
    • FInancial account control
    • Admin interface to manage donations
    • Fund and donor reports
  • Many other new and enhanced reports and data exports

14 - February, 2006
  • A complete redesign of the event calendar with online registration
    • A greatly simplified user interface
    • Redesigned event administration screen
    • The ability to save event defaults
    • A new method for handling who can sign up for an event and what they will pay
    • New control over event visibility
    • Event descriptions are now built using the advanced content editor
    • Event contacts
    • Non-member event registrants are added to the non-member database
    • New payment options
    • Optional release agreement
    • Improvements in registering for multi-activity events
    • Support for items that you purchase rather than attend
    • New Registrations status screen
    • Links to an event report and event photos
    • Archive events
    • Event Copy features, including multi-copy
    • Event-specific questions at multiple levels
    • Send emails to event registrants
    • Organize events into categories
    • Metro area support to group events
    • New cancel and delete registration options
  • New FAQ / Tech Library module
    • Supports categories, questions and detailed answers
    • Control over display sequence
  • Member Finder module for the public side of a website
  • Improvements in how alt addresses are managed and used
  • New Profile - Transaction History screen
  • Member opt-out of general emails
  • Improvements to data exports

13 - November, 2005
  • Simplified "Forgot My Password" process
  • Many small improvements to the member database and Member Manager
  • Improvements in the Renewals process, including auto-renewals
  • New payment options
  • Improvements to club-specific questions
  • Board approval option for member types
  • Non-member Database enhancements
  • "Add Me to your Mailing List" option for the public side of a website
  • Template improvements, including Common Content panels
  • Improvements to the Interests, Photo Page and Member Directory modules
  • Improvements in photo uploading of hi-res images

12 - September, 2005
  • Enhancements to chapters, districts and regions, including an updated Chapter Finder
  • Pending members can now be warned and dropped automatically
  • Improvements in how members are expired automatically by the system
  • Misc. charges feature
  • Improvements to the Member Manager
  • View answers to club-specific questions, including 2 new reports
  • Minor enhancements to the Committees, Forum, Documents and Member Directory modules
  • Many new reports and data exports
  • Bookmark support in the content editor

11 - June, 2005
  • Major improvements to transaction and payment processing
  • FInancial accounts allow transactions to be organized for reporting
  • ClubExpress can now distribute member payments into multiple bank accounts for chapters
  • New reports for bank account activity
  • Club-specific questions can be displayed on the Member Bio page
  • Many small improvements to the Member Manager
  • New options for required fields (email address, etc.)

Version 10 - March, 2005
  • New support for Administrative Coordinators (some admin rights but not the complete Control Panel)
  • New filter and search tools in the Member Manager
  • Reports can now be output in HTML, Word and Excel (in addition to PDF)
  • New filter options for reports
  • Multiple improvements to the event calendar and online event registration
  • Size limit of 4000 chars in the News module was removed

9 - February, 2005
  • A new Photo Manager allows clubs to upload and organize photos with full descriptive information
  • Photos are stored internally in 3 resolutions (original, screen, and thumbnail)
  • Photo pages allow photos to be organized into different layouts
  • Photo page index module
  • Member photo libraries and photo pages also supported
  • Enhancements to the editor to support the new photo features
  • Support for family or small business memberships (primary with multiple secondary members)
  • New filter options in the Member Manager
  • New data export for external mailing shops

8 - January, 2005
  • New support for additional charges as part of a new signup or renewals
  • Date Joined field was added
  • New support for clubs to have their own merchant account
  • Support for clubs to control whether credit cards and checks will be accepted

7 - December, 2004
  • Added a data export feature with a dozen exports of various kinds of data
  • New contact information form for clubs where members join through their business or professional lives
  • Document categories now have visibility options
  • Notes feature for admins only on the Member Manager
  • System emails can now be customized
  • New reports

6 - November, 2004
  • We redesigned the Member Signup/Renewal Wizard to be more intuitive
  • Improvements in how member status is handled
  • Minor enhancements to the event calendar
  • Additional charges now support quantities
  • Control Panel now includes a count of active and expired members
  • A number of new features without a user interface
    • Default state and country
    • Email to the Member Director when a new member signs up
    • Menu choices that link to external websites
    • Primary keyword for a club can be changed

5 - September, 2004
  • Online event registration is now fully enabled for members and non-members
  • Enabled paging for the Member Manager and Member Directory
  • Added fields for spouse and personal website
  • Added a "Renew" link in the Login panel when it's time to renew
  • Club Questions can now be flagged as required
  • Added a Chapter Finder module
  • Added Spellchecking in many text fields
  • Added the ability to restrict discussion forums to selected users

4 - June, 2004
  • Discussion forums module is now active in its first release
  • Event registration for single-activity events is now implemented
  • Non-member Mailing List function is now available
  • Admins can now edit member numbers
  • Spell-checking has been added to a number of text fields
  • Various style sheet issues were cleared up to provide more UI consistency
  • Improvements were made for compatibility with Mozilla Firefox
  • Improvements were made to the advanced content editor display
  • Manuals were updated; they can now be downloaded from the Control Panel and Profile

3 - May, 2004
  • An incremental release with a number of small features and bug fixes
  • Country field added to allow for non-US members
  • A club's internal member number is now shown in the Member Manager
  • Beta release of the new Discussion Forums module

2 - April, 2004
  • Implemented the Club-Specific Questions feature to allow clubs to expand the database
  • 10 different formats supported for the answers
  • Control provided over visibility, whether the answer is required, etc.
  • Additional charges as part of a member signup
  • Event notifications - an entry in the calendar that is not a full event

1 - March 15, 2004
  • Announcing the first release of ClubExpress, a comprehensive Internet-based platform that combines a fully customizable website with a membership database, communication tools, and administrative functions. Each club website includes a front end for general information / promotion, a members-only content area and a secure back end for the administration of club services and transactions.
  • ClubExpress provides a platform that allows clubs and associations to fully manage their operations and communications online, with absolutely no training and with a far smaller time commitment. 
  • The platform is simple to use, but flexible enough to allow more experienced users to add their own elements.
  • Administrative features include an online membership database, member sign up and renewal services, dues collection via secure credit card processing and custom reporting capabilities. 
  • Custom modules are provided for news, document sharing, committee work, events, calendars, member interests and more. 
  • ClubExpress even facilitates the sharing of information, ideas and finances among national and regional clubs with local chapters, and between clubs with common interests.
  • ClubExpress provides all the tools to make membership as rewarding as it can be by putting the focus back on the passion. That’s our mission: More Passion. Less Paperwork.


Richard Alexander
Rick has been developing web software solutions for 9 years, having worked in Education, Transportation, and Consulting sectors before joining ClubExpress. He has a background in web applications, quality assurance, and software automation. He is proud of the college organization positions he held, including Webmaster, Vice-President, and President of various clubs. Richard is most joyful when he is drinking a cup of tea, building with his hands, taking dogs on a long walk, baking up desserts, or sitting around a tabletop game with his friends. He is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
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Devin Destrade
Devin came to ClubExpress with an eight year history of working in computer technical support and data center server management. He enjoys giving a friendly and personal touch to each interaction he has. In his personal life Devin likes to play bar bingo with friends, build computers, and go to the theatre as often as possible. Devin aspires to one day make a career out of his passion of running and writing stories for role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.
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Ryan Eames
Ryan came to us with a well rounded set of experiences from customer service to production management. Ryan loves solving problems and enjoys helping people follow their passions. He is a lover of all kinds of games and spends much of his time with his family and partner playing them. Virtually all remaining down time Ryan has, is spent absorbing, writing, and telling stories and dreams of, someday soon, becoming a published writer.
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Dan Ehrmann
Dan has 30 years of experience developing custom software solutions designed to fit client needs. ClubExpress is his fourth startup venture; of the previous three, one was successful and two were not (and he learned as much from the latter as from the former!) Dan previously served as Managing Partner of the Chicago office of USWeb, and as founder and President of Kallista, Inc., a custom application development firm that he ran for 11 years before selling it to USWeb. During his career, Dan has spoken at more than 30 software conferences in 10 countries. He is the author of two books and over 100 articles on database programming topics. Dan was formerly an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University in Chicago, teaching graduate classes. He is also a past-president of the Chicago Computer Society and a Chicago car club. Dan is married with three children.
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Zara Eric
Zara came to ClubExpress with extensive years of experience working in customer support. Outside of work Zara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, rooting for “Da Bears” and the Bulls every season, volunteering thru her church, and spoiling her nieces and nephews.
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Michael Fisher
Michael joined us with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry including database support, systems administration (UNIX) and legacy systems. He lives with his wife and 3 daughters and enjoys geocaching and playing guitar (poorly). He sits on the board of several community organizations involving the special needs community, gifted education, and chamber of commerce. Michael graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Business Administration with a heavy computer science focus.
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Brian Harris
Brian joined us with more than 20 years of experience in customer service. Brian loves helping people working on their passions. He studied computer science in schools, in his free time he likes to work on computers and enjoy's watching sports with his family. He also works on R/C Cars and Airplanes he came in second place in his best race.
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Erika Howell
Erika brings previous experience in graphic, print and web design industry with a passion for creating eye-catching and effective design. In her free time Erika greatly enjoys playing video and tabletop games while spending time with her partner and family. She hopes to finish her own set of tabletop games in the future for others to play and enjoy.
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Samantha Horia
Samantha came to ClubExpress with a background in procedure documentation and training. Samantha is a graduate of Dominican University and she loves to make learning fun for others. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, taking road trips, and hanging out with her cat. She also loves baking cookies and occasionally enters her recipes into contests.
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Carlene Kronau
Carlene joined ClubExpress with over 12 years of administrative assistant experience. She has recently earned her Associate Degree in Administrative Office Technology and several certificates. She enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs
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Chris Krulak
IT professional with 20+ years of experience in website operations, digital platform management, data availability, and analytics. Prior to joining ClubExpress, Chris held multiple positions at Sungard Availability Services. Chris graduated from DeVry University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Outside of work Chris enjoys watching his two sons play or practice baseball.
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Anup Manchanda
Anup has over 25 years of experience as a Sales Executive helping companies transform their presence using technology. Anup is passionate about his local communities and has been active with various non-profits and associations. Anup has a keen understanding of leading a group of volunteers and getting things done. In keeping up with the changing technology landscape, Anup constantly educates himself to be a valued trusted advisor to his clients. In the past, Anup has worked for companies such as CenturyLink, Xclutel (an Avaya and Mitel partner), Teleprime and RediffValucom. He is also very passionate about his 2 daughters, jetski, playing cricket, attending concerts, and going on long drives in his convertible.
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Dan Minds
Dan has over 30 years experience designing and developing software solutions in industries such as education, healthcare, automotive, retail, and office/home automation.  Prior to joining ClubExpress, he was head of application development at Arial Group LLC, and Director of Software Development at Enterprise Systems. Dan is active in a number of organizations within his community. He offsets the technological part of life by cooking and playing French horn and piano. Dan is married and has two adult children.
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Jim Mishke
Jim has over 22 years of experience selling and marketing services in various industries including Small Business, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Banking, Business to Consumer, Commerce Associations, and Business to Business environments. In the past he has worked for companies such as ADT as a Territory Sales Manager, Computhink LLC, as a Software Marketing and Sales Manager, and CEO and Owner of Midwest Express Funding. Jim serves on several Boards outside of Club Express and is extremely knowledgeable on how Club Express integrates and is used as a powerful time management tool to bring all areas of your association or club into one platform. On a personal side he is also an avid Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, and as a hobby plays drums for over 30 years. He is married for 26 years and has two wonderful daughters, and has been a softball coach at Bartlett Park District for over 10 years.
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Ray Novak
Ray brings over 25 years of technology leadership to ClubExpress. He is experienced at designing and building large scale software systems with multi-tier architectures and web components. Ray has worked as a senior technologist for Kallista, USWeb/CKS, marchFIRST, and Networks Inc., managing large teams of professionals for clients such as Walgreens, Ace Hardware, DePaul University and Midas Muffler. Ray is married with a child.
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Barb Radomsky
Barb always loved solving logic puzzles as a child, so studying computer science and becoming a developer was a natural progression for her. Barb was first a mainframe programmer, then created systems for PCs, and is now immersed in web development with ClubExpress. Barb has worked as a consultant and has led development teams in various companies including Johannesburg Consolidated Investments, GATX, SC Johnson Wax, Ryerson Steel, Brown & Williamson, Cleveland Music School Settlement, and Arkla Gas. Barb enjoys being in a field where she is able to continuously learn and grow, and with a company that encourages her to do so.
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Steve Raftis
Steve has over 10 years of experience serving on the board and leadership positions on various associations including professional and personal. This involvement provides a unique perspective of understating what it takes to properly run an association and can better understand the pains that leadership go through in building and operating their organization. From this background, Steve can demonstrate how ClubExpress can be a valuable partner and serve your organization. Steve has over 25 years of experience selling software and services in various industries including Small Business, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Banks, Business to Consumer and Business to Business environments. He is a graduate of DePaul University with major in Finance with Marketing minor. Happily Married with two children and world’s coolest dog.
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Bob Rosenthal
Bob brings over 30 years of experience managing sales, service, and operations to ClubExpress. In the past, he worked with companies such as The Signature Group (now part of GE Capital), NatWest Bank (now part of Bank of Scotland), Ameritech (now part of ATT), and UnitedHealth Group. Before joining ClubExpress, Bob led inside sales and service for a CCC information Services, a large provider of software as a service to the automotive industry. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Emory University, and both a Master’s Degree in Management and a Master’s in Business Administration from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Bob has been happily married for over 30 years and has two adult children.
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Will Sanders
Will joined us with over 10 years of experience in SaaS model sales with a focus on growth and acquisition. In the past he has worked in leadership positions with companies such as Fleetmatics (now part of Verizon), Navman (now part of Danaher), and Fleetsharp (now part of Agilis). Will has a in depth understanding of organization development, with his background he can demonstrate how ClubExpress can be a vital tool in the management and continued growth of your organization. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science from Arizona State University. Will has been happily married for 15 years and has two wonderful children, he and his family enjoy sports and all things outdoors.
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Elonda Scott
Elonda joins us from Advocate Health where she supported their internal medical systems. Elonda has an MBA from the University of Phoenix, specializing in technology management. She has two children and is a Chicago native. Elonda is passionate about helping companies implement systems and solutions to help them save time and money. She has managed small to midsized projects to find solutions and help clients by offering services that provide value. Her various in IT Support and Business Analysis has allowed Elonda to participate in processes on many levels with excellent results. Elonda helps people and companies reach their goals by making sure the service she provides matches the needs of the clients. Elonda has worked with operations teams, sales teams, management and CEO's to improve overall business processes and procedures.
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Dan Sullivan
Dan brings over 20 years of experience in IT/customer support in industries such as healthcare, financial, and restaurant. Dan is a graduate of Marquette University. Prior to joining the SaaS (Software as a Service) world with ClubExpress, he has previous experiences as a systems analysis specialist for Abbvie, helping customers resolve technical or training questions with a speciality medication prescribing website, traditional help desk roles resolving callers’ hardware or software issues and a jack-of-all trades solo IT Specialist for a franchise group of 31 Panera Bread restaurants. He is passionate about continuous improvement and strives for excellence when helping customers. He has two wonderful daughters and enjoys laughter, cycling, golf as well as following Chicago pro-sports teams.
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Michelle True
Michelle is a Certified Help Desk Manager with 30+ years of IT experience and has been with ClubExpress for over 10 years.  Michelle performs the QA software testing, manages the help screen content and provides training and technical support.  Michelle is the author of three books of poetry and is passionate about writing and photography.  Michelle is single with one child.
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Mark Vestuto
Mark is a creative director, graphic designer and software developer with a plethora of experience in the technology field. An experienced front-end/back-end developer and UI/UX designer with over 18 years of leading and working on creative and development teams focused on digital media and software. In his time at ClubExpress, Mark has leveraged his professional experience with graphic design, photography, social networking, a host of code languages and advanced CMS design to deliver client websites that are as attractive as they are functional.
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Kate Vestuto
Kate brings us 15+ years of financial and business management experience. Kate is a graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Business Administration. In her previous experiences as a manager/controller, Kate not only provided basic accounting needs but helped entrepreneurs build their business plan and scope. She is passionate about assisting in areas that create vision, organic growth, internal controls, sound financial models and efficiencies. Kate is married with 2 children and is an active community leader
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Geoffrey Walsh
Geoffrey is a graduate from the University of Illinois and is studying to earn his Masters. Geoffrey brings 10+ years of customer service experience to our team. Geoffrey has worked for various industries in management positions, bringing a drive and environment that develops long lasting relationships with his clients. When not devoting his time to ClubExpress, Geoffrey enjoys time with his family and occasionally a round of golf (when his son allows him to).
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Alan Zenreich
Alan Z. has been working with online communities for 30 years. He calls himself an ‘enthusiast’, and has way too many interests, including woodturning, video, live streaming, 3D printing, photography, community theater, cooking and motorcycling. Online communities let Alan interact with other enthusiasts around the world, sharing experiences and best practices. Before joining ClubExpress he administered the Dell EMC Community Network, a global community with hundreds of thousands of members. He has authored several database programming books and programs, and presented at many symposiums. Alan is married and has two adult sons.
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We're Hiring

ClubExpress is a Software-as-a-Service Internet platform focused on clubs and associations, and especially organizations run by volunteers or a very small paid staff (hobby and enthusiast clubs, leisure and active sports clubs, professional and trade organizations, social clubs, parent groups, community service clubs, fraternities and alumni clubs, chambers of commerce, political groups, religious groups, and membership-based businesses.) We've been around for 14 years, through more than 50 product releases. The product is stable, high-performing, reliable and secure. We're profitable and growing.

We're hiring for the following positions:

Support Engineer

We're looking for someone to help customers use the ClubExpress platform, and to configure and build out their websites and databases. Questions will come from club or association administrators who need to know how a specific feature works. Support is also provided to club or association members who need help logging in, registering for an event, renewing their membership, making a payment, etc.

Inside Sales

We're looking for someone to help to sell ClubExpress to potential customers. This is an Inside Sales Position; no travel is required. You will develop lists of potential customers (clubs and associations) in specific industries (for example, yacht clubs or car clubs or trade associations) using publicly-available information, and then cold-call to the officers of the club or association to determine their interest in our product and to schedule a demo. You will also take calls or leads that come into the office through other channels, based on our marketing and PR efforts. You will demo the product to interested parties, help to close the sale, and hand it off to the implementation team. We need someone with experience selling software, ideally "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS).

For All Positions

Candidates must have good organization and communication skills and be comfortable speaking on the phone to potential or current customers, and who are interested in growing with the company into more responsible roles. We especially need someone who is comfortable with technology, learning how to use the features of our platform so that they can communicate this knowledge to our customers.

Location is Schaumburg, Illinois, near Woodfield Mall. Compensation includes base salary and bonuses based on the employee's performance and company performance. Sales positions also include commissions. We provide a qualified retirement plan and health insurance. Additional benefits will be added as we continue to grow.

Principals only, please. We regret that we're not in a position to work with headhunters or contractors or off-shore or out-of-state services. We also cannot pay relocation. No phone calls or visits either.

And if you're going to apply for a position, please take a few moments to explore this website and learn more about what we do! Watching a couple of videos or webinars is a good start.

PDF Applications to kate "at"

Contact ClubExpress

You may contact ClubExpress via the following:
Toll Free (US and Canada only):
(866) HLP-CLUB (457-2582)

If calling from Australia: 03 9068 9993

If calling from the UK: 020 3129 9822

If toll-free is not available, or calling from
other countries not listed: (847) 255-0210

1051 Perimeter Drive. Suite 350
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Fax: 1-847-221-8046

General Questions:
Support Questions:
Privacy Questions and to contact our Data
Protection Officer:

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