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Managing Contacts and Administrators
By Alan Zenreich
Posted on 1/23/2018 10:47 AM
Occasionally we send email notices to current club/organization administrators.  The email list is generated automatically and sent to all those who are currently listed as admins of their clubs.

The emails might be announcing a new version, webinar schedules, or other topics of interest to those responsible for administering organizations using ClubExpress.

However, around the first of each year, some of these emails get returned to us with notes like 'As of December 31, Sally no longer works for our association, please take her off of your notification list'.

So, we have to look up the current admins of that site, and send an email asking them to review their current admins and coordinators, and make any changed to keep the list is up to date. 

To help admins make these updates, we've made a tutorial video that shows the items that should be reviewed when contacts or administrators change.  Video: Managing Contacts and Administrators

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