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December, 2016
Admin Email
Welcome to the December, 2016 administrator update, sent to all ClubExpress club and association administrators. We are proud to announce ClubExpress version 7.2.
With this release, we have changed the way your website's Home Page and custom web pages are designed and edited. The new features make it much easier to create complex layouts that are fully responsive to mobile devices.
Version 7.2 also includes significant enhancements to the mobile app we announced a couple of months ago, a new Subgroup Members function, and other minor enhancements.
The Administrator Manual has been updated for this version. Be sure to download the latest version from the Control Panel - Support tab. The online help system has also been updated to reflect the new features.
Finally, please note a fee change for MasterCard credit card transactions, described below.
In this issue:
Content Editor Changes
When you open the advanced Content Editor on the home page or a custom web page, you will immediately see a couple of significant changes:
First, there is a new editing tool on the right side of the editor window. It displays a set of page row panels that you can insert into your page. These panels allow you to create more complex page layouts that are fully responsive to mobile devices. They automatically maintain their width proportions and will also automatically manage images placed within them. You can add as many panels to a page as you need and easily reorder the panels or remove ones you no longer need. Panels allow from one to four columns and also provide options for text to float around an image on the left or right.
Panels are inserted with 10px of padding all around, and blank lines above and below to provide maximum flexibility. The dashed lines that delimit a panel are there for editing only and will not appear in the final result. The side panel can be hidden if you need more room for editing, and shown again by clicking a new "toolbox" icon.
The toolbars have also been redesigned. When the editor now opens, you will see one toolbar with the most common functions. Click the wrench icon at the end of this toolbar to see a second toolbar with more advanced functions.
Finally, the widget selector has been moved to this new side panel.
We strongly encourage you to review your home page and custom web pages, and to consider rebuilding them using these new options. Try to remove any HTML tables that were previously used to create more complex formatting; these tables are the biggest reason why a page may not be responsive to mobile devices. Using the new tools will ensure that your home page and custom web pages are properly sized and fully responsive.
Home Page Designer Changes
The Home Page Designer has also been updated to use the new editor. When you create rows in the designer, the old option to predefine one, two, or three columns has been removed, since this feature is now part of the new editing tool. (This old feature was one of the main reasons why old-style home pages were not responsive.) So each row now has just one Edit icon on the left side.
The Home Page Designer still allows you to create rows outside the editor, to retain the visibility options (visible to everyone, the public only, or members only.)
As part of this change, we have updated every existing home page that used the old multi-column feature to use the new editor panels, either one 100% panel, two 50% panels, or three 33% panels.
Mobile App Enhancements
The following features were added to the mobile app:
  • The Chat function in the mobile app will now notify members using their smartphone notification system when new messages have been posted to a chat channel. Members can activate this feature on a channel-by-channel basis from their Profile screen. Tapping a notification takes the user to the chat screen for that channel.
  • Notifications behave slightly differently on Android devices vs. Apple devices. In Android, only the latest message for a channel is displayed; older ones are replaced when new ones are received. On Apple devices, all messages for a channel are displayed.
  • There is now a session expiration in the Chat function. After one hour of inactivity, a small message is displayed asking members if they want to continue their session. If they don't respond within two minutes, the chat session ends.
  • An "Add to Calendar" function now adds a channel event to your device's local calendar.
  • Document links now attempt to open the linked file, which will succeed or fail based on your phone's ability to handle the file type.
  • When you select a new channel, a small message will appear at the bottom of your screen to indicate which channel you are now viewing. If you are viewing an app page which uses channels, the page will reflect the new channel. On any other page, nothing will happen except the new message but when you later go to a page which uses channels, the new channel will be active.
  • The Meets function now supports sessions up to 24 hours long.
If your club or association has activated the mobile app and you want to encourage members to download it, one way is to promote the app on your website or in a newsletter. To do so, follow these instructions:
  • Google Play – open the Google Play Store – and search for your club’s app. Once it’s displayed, grab the URL in the address bar and drop it as an external link on your page or newsletter.
  • Apple App Store – go to Where it says Media Type, click “Apple Music” and select “iOS Apps” instead. Then search for your club’s name. Click the app icon to see the preview page in your browser. At the bottom of the screen is sample Embed code as well as a Direct Link; either can be used.
Other Enhancements
A new Subgroup Members function has been added to the Control Panel for clubs and associations with subgroups (chapters, etc.) Using this function, administrators, coordinators and subgroup administrators can see and manage who is in their subgroups. Full admins can see and manage all subgroups but subgroup admins will only see and manage the groups for which they have rights. This function also recognizes the member type rules regarding how many chapters members and their family members can join. When members are added to a subgroup, if fees are owed, the system will also generate the correct transactions.
In the Event Calendar, in Event View, there is a new Cancel Event function. After confirmation, this function adds "- CANCELLED" to the event title, cancels and creates credits for paid registrations, deletes unpaid registrations, and sends a cancellation email to each primary event registrant.
When registering for an event, the Registrant Type for each registrant will now appear on both the notification to the primary registrant and the notification to the event contact person.
Users can now customize the title of each module page and custom web page for improved search engine optimization (SEO).
MasterCard Fee Change
Recently, MasterCard significantly increased the cost of doing business with them for a company like ClubExpress. We don't try to make money from credit card processing but we also can't afford to lose money so, unfortunately, we are forced to pass on these fee increases to our customers. Effective January 1st, the credit card processing rate for MasterCard only will increase from 2.39% to 2.89%. The per transaction fee of $0.20 remains the same. Fees for Visa, Discover and American Express are also not changing.
Bugs and Issues
The following bugs and issues were fixed in the past two months:
When editing the answers to additional member data questions, a default value was not being applied. This only occurred for existing members when a new question was added to the Profile. And it only applied to question types that can have a default value.

The Opened Email Status Report was showing duplicate entries for members in multiple chapters.

After the mobile app was deployed, there was a problem with non-members clicking the calendar link to view details on a Quick Event.

When a membership expires, we automatically set all secondary and tertiary members to expired as well. The problem is that some of these sub-members had previously been Dropped and the system was changing them to Expired. So when the primary member renewed, all those previously dropped members were being reactivated.

When an expired primary member was moved to the non-member database, any linked secondary or tertiary members were being "orphaned" (not linked to a primary member.) Clicking the "Jump to Primary" option in the Member Manager was generating an error. Now, the system will convert the sub-members also to non-members.

In the new Ad Hoc Forms module, all confirmation emails referenced a fee being owed, even when no fee had been defined for a form submission. Also, some confirmation emails were not being sent to the correct person.

On the member Bio screen, when other members downloaded a vCard to their personal information manager, the full information was not being included, even when it was visible on the Bio screen.

The non-member database was not available on the Control Panel for subgroup administrators. Also, the subgroup selector (to assign a non-member to a subgroup) was not being displayed on the Non-Member Manager and on the popup Add/Edit form.

When adding links to emails in the Advanced Content Editor, some email clients (Outlook in particular) were breaking these links so that they no longer worked.

In system emails, the ~~join_date~~ tag was not working correctly.

Again, all these issues have been fixed.
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