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We've heard from many club and association webmasters and officers who love ClubExpress but worry about how to explain it to other Board members. After all, ClubExpress affects the jobs of many board positions.

So to help you out, we're delighted to introduce the ClubExpress Free 60-day Trial.

ClubExpress's Free Trial allows you to create a complete web site and membership database for your club or association using ClubExpress. No bank account or credit card is required and your web site can use almost all of the features of ClubExpress. (For a list of restrictions, see below.) The trial period lasts for 60 days, which should be enough time to build out your web site, let the Board members explore, and discuss it at the next Board meeting.

To start your trial, click the Sign Up Now button above and go through the signup process as normal. Once you login to your website and see the Setup Check List, complete every item except the Bank Information, then call us. We'll switch you over to Trial mode. Of course, during your trial period, we will gladly answer any questions you might have. Just call or email Support.

Once the trial is over, you can activate your website, pay the one-time setup fee and nothing will be lost; or if you decide that ClubExpress is not the right solution for you, call us and we'll close the site.

There are a couple of restrictions with the ClubExpress Free Trial:
  • There is a maximum of 10 members in the membership database, and these names must be entered manually. If you decide to go forward with ClubExpress, we will gladly import your complete membership database for you.
  • You must specify real contact information, no pretend email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Credit card processing is disabled (since we have no way to send the money to you.) You can still test the various wizards and other payment methods.
  • You will access your web site using the "ShortName" that you define when you register. It's in the following format: If you decide to go forward with ClubExpress, we will gladly configure your web site to use the Internet Domain Name(s) owned by your organization.
  • Listserver mode in the discussion forums will not work. Listservers require a domain name which, as noted above, we will only do once you become a customer.
  • The non-member database import function is disabled.

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