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Features - Website

Look and Feel of your Website
ClubExpress allows you to select one of the built-in templates and themes (colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, padding, etc.) to control the look and feel of your website. We also give you full control over the page header and other content areas that appear on every page, as well as the menus that the public and members see. Changes can be made at any time by any authorized user; you do not need a programmer to update the website! ClubExpress also supports a number of options for a fully customized website, perhaps to mimic the look and feel of an existing site.

Custom Web Pages
With ClubExpress, you can create as many static web pages as you need, with full control over text formatting, photos and other images, embedded audio and video, links, etc. You also have full control over the website's Home Page, including separate content for members vs. the public.

Photo Pages
ClubExpress allows you to upload as many hi-res digital photos as you want, organize them by tags and place them on specially designed photo pages. The system stores each photo in different resolutions and optionally allows users to download hi-res photos from the website.

Event Calendar
ClubExpress supports a powerful event calendar with online registration and payment, as well as attendance tracking. The calendar supports single-activity or multi-activity events, multiple pricing options, the ability to add companions to an event registration, event-specific questions, event filtering and category tools, and many other options.

Document Library
ClubExpress allows you to create a library of documents, organized into any number of folders and sub-folders, with full control over visibility. You can track how often each document is downloaded, and even allow members to upload and comment on documents.

E-Commerce Storefront
ClubExpress allows you to sell club merchandise through your website, with support for any number of products and product variations, inventory tracking, online ordering and payment, shipments, backordering, and many other properties.

Other Website Functions
ClubExpress also supports a News function for announcements, an Articles function to organize and reuse content, an FAQ / Technical Library function to display articles in a QA format, online donations, committees, member interests, blogs, and other special functions.

Mobile Device Compatibility
ClubExpress websites are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. They will dynamically reformat to show website content appropriately for each type of device. You can create special versions of your home page, page header, content boxes, and custom web pages for mobile devices.

Domain Names and Traffic Monitoring
ClubExpress allows you to use your own domain names and to create Quick Links to any page. You can integrate with Google Analytics to monitor website traffic.

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