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Features - Club

Club Properties
ClubExpress allows you to control the keyword used for your club (society, association, etc.) as well as members, chapters, and other properties.

Multiple Security Levels
ClubExpress supports seven separate levels of security and you can have as many people as you need at each level.

Organization Data
ClubExpress powerfully supports multi-tier clubs (with chapters, districts and regions.) Many functions have been multi-tier enabled so that, for example, chapter members only see events, committees, and other members in their chapter. The system also includes a powerful Chapter Finder function.

Club Functions
ClubExpress includes special functions to display club contacts, committees and subcommittees, news and press releases, benefits, event calendar, donations, E-Commerce storefront, and surveys. Each of these functions supports dozens of options based on the different ways that clubs operate.

Joining Agreement
Many clubs and associations require members to sign a joining agreement, perhaps as a waiver of liability or a code of ethics to which the member must agree. ClubExpress fully supports this option.


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